Pretest Driving Lessons

Pretest Driving Lessons

Prepare to Pass Your Driving Test first time!

Pretest Driving Lessons in Dublin 15, Blanchardstown. These are simply focused on helping you feel confident of passing your full driving test with the RSA. These Pretest lessons will be delivered on known Test Centre Routes to get you familiar with the roads. More than likely this will be at the RSA Finglas test centre. I will give you mock tests and give you the feel of the actual driving test.

Pass Your Driving Test 1st Time
Have you got your date for your full driving test? If so, I can help successfully pass it with flying colours. With a couple of Pretest driving lessons and a mock test to make you feel confidant.
Nervous About Your Driving Test?
No need to be nervous about your test. I will go through each step that the actual RSA tester will do and MAKE SURE you know them inside out. From Under the bonnet checks to 3 points turns.
Practice Driving Test Routes
I will give you plenty of practice on the actual RSA driving test routes around the Finglas Driving Test centre. These include roads in Finglas, Ballymun and Glasnevin.
Benefits of my Pretest Lessons
I will iron out them bad habits, give you a similar mock test to what the RSA tester will and give you your marks. That’s what we then work on to make you pass the test! It’s that easy!

Pretest Driving Lessons

A breakdown of what happens on my Pretest Lessons. Our Pretest lessons are recommended for 2 hours. This is of course depending on your driving standard.

  • I will assess your level of driving experience
  • Pin point bad habits and focus of amending them
  • Give you a mock test exactly like a real driving test
  • Your Lessons will be on actual Driving Test Routes
  • Check your knowledge of the Rules of The Road
  • Teach you the best way to memorize Road Signs
  • How to point out everything Under The Bonnet
  • Show the tester your car’s Secondary Controls
  • How to act and present yourself to a RSA tester
  • Explain how the RSA tester grades your full test
  • Master the dreaded Reverse Around The Corner,
  • Hill Starts, Turnabouts & Roundabouts

Passed Pupils!

Gary Ryan Passed! – Blanchardstown

Passed Pupils Gary Ryan Dublin 15
I had driving lessons with Get In Gear from the beginning till I passed! Cheers to Nadine for keeping her patience with me and making sure that I passed! Without any marks too!

Inta Luta Passed! – Blanchardstown

Passed Pupils Anita Foster
It wasn’t easy for me with no one to practice with at home. The only driving I did was on lessons with Nadine. I wont lie it did take a few fails before I finally passed. So the story is Don’t give up!

Getting ready for your Driving Test

For you to get a driving licence in Ireland you need to pass your driving test. In the section I have put together each stage you need to do from Applying for your test, where to take your driving test, how to prepare for the test to give yourself the best possible chance to PASS it first time.

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What happens the day of your Driving Test?

The RSA have produced these fantastic videos to give your the learner a proper feel for what happens the day of your full driving test. This video shows what to expect on the day of your driving test before you take the actual test itself. This will put you at ease and hopefully get rid of the nerves of going into the unknown when visiting the RSA test centre.

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Pretest Driving Lessons 1

What happens during your Driving Test?

This RSA video covers what actually happens during your driving test itself. It gives an example of a learner like yourself undergoing the driving test with a RSA driving tester, demonstrating the technical checks that are done beforehand, the in-car checks, what you are required to do during the test as well as the may other elements that you need to do while driving.

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Are Your Ready to Pass Your Driving Test?

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