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    Get Started with Your Driving Lessons

    Getting Started with Your Driving Lessons

    The thought of starting to drive can be daunting. Believe us when we say you are not alone . From learning the Rules of The Road for your Theory Test to applying for your full drivers licence there is quite a bit to know.

    We have put together a How to Get Started Driving resource page so you can feel comfortable in knowing that from when your start practicing for your theory test right up until you pass your driving test that you are in good hands with us at Get In Gear Driving School.

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    Starting Your Driving Lessons in 4 Steps

    Step 1: Driver Theory Test

    Before you can obtain your Learner Permit you must pass your Driver Theory Test. Click here to book online.

    Step 2: Learner Permit

    When you have successfully completed and passed your Driver Theory Test, you may apply for a Learner Permit in the appropriate Vehicle Category. Learner Permits are issued by the National Driver License Service.

    Step 3: Book Your EDT Lessons

    Now you have your Learner Permit you can book your EDT driving lessons with one our approved advanced local ADI Driving Instructors (ADI).

    Step 4: Pass Your Driving Test

    Once you have completed your EDT Driving Lessons you and your instructor will discuss when you are ready for your full driving test. You can then book your test on line directly with the RSA.

    On April 4th 2011 The RSA introduced Essential Driver Training (EDT). EDT is a compulsory course of 12 1-hour driving lessons which all learner drivers who received their Learner Permit after 4th April 2011 must complete before applying for their test.

    Learning to Drive

    Get In Gear Driving School offer a new and exciting way to learn to drive where the lessons are carefully planned, expertly delivered and combined with modern training resources to ensure that you’re driving lessons is both effective and enjoyable. Nobody has invested more and nobody can match our record.

    You can book any driving lessons by clicking here or by contacting the local Get In Gear driving instructor here. If you would like to find which driving instructors cover your area please select view our local driving schools page.

    Our driving instructors are amongst the best trained instructors in Ireland. All, as a minimum, are ADI registered with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to give driving tuition.

    All use the unique Get In Gear System. A tuition system that has been tried and tested over many years. All our driving instructors are trained in the latest ADI driving instructor training and motivational methods to ensure that your training is not only effective but also highly enjoyable.

    Before You Start Your Lessons

    Before you can start your driving lessons you need to have a driver permit (provisional driving licence). Before you can get a permit you will need to apply for your theory test. You can obtain a theory test application form from the RSA by clicking here to download an application form.

    As soon as you pass the theory test, you can apply for a driver permit (provisional driving licence). You cannot book the driving test until 6 months after you have passed the theory test. The waiting time for a driving test is typically 10 weeks. Sooner dates are usually available through test appointment cancellations.

    Provided you have a valid permit (driving licence) you can start your driving lessons with us at Get In Gear Driving School. Your driving instructor can book your driving test and schedule your driving lessons so when you’re just about finished the driving lessons you are on test.

    From the above you can see that learning to drive can be achieved quickly. However, it is important to book your driving lessons well in advance to ensure you get the desired driving lessons and test dates. Our driving instructors can advise and assist you in choosing the right driving lessons that suit you.

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