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Driving Test Car Hire

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    Driving Test Car Hire

    Driving Test Car Hire you can count on!

    Driving Test Car Hire – Need a Car to Pass Your Test? Driving Test Coming Up? You Can Hire our Cars for Your Driving Test! Hiring our cars and doing our pre test lessons will help you feel confident of passing your full driving test with the RSA.

    Our Driving Test Car Hire and Pre Test lessons will be delivered on known Driving Test Centre Routes to get you familiar with the roads.

    We cover all RSA driving test centres in Dublin. We will give you mock tests and give you the feel of the actual driving test.

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    Hire Our Cars & Pass Your Driving Test

    With our Driving Test Car Hire we offer our Pre Test Driving Lessons in all the Dublin RSA Test Centres. So if you have your driving test coming up and you need a car and also need to brush up on your driving skills you can get in touch with us. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

    • Finglas RSA Driving Test Centre
    • Mulhuddart RSA Driving Test Centre
    • Raheny RSA Driving Test Centre
    • Tallaght RSA Driving Test Centre
    • Churchtown RSA Driving Test Centre
    • Dun Laoighre RSA Driving Test Centre
    Pre Test Driving Lessons Pass Fast

    Pass Your Driving Test ASAP!

    Have you got your date for your full driving test? If so, We can help successfully pass it with flying colours. With a couple of Pre Test Driving Lessons and a Mock Test to make you feel confidant.

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    Pre Test Driving Lessons Nervous

    Nervous About Your Test?

    No need to be nervous about your driving test. We will go through each step that the actual RSA tester will do and make sure you know them inside out to give you peace of mind.

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    Pre Test Driving Lessons Benefits

    Benefits of our Pre Test Lessons

    We will iron out all them bad habits you’ve picked up, give you a similar mock test to what the RSA tester will and give you professional constructive feedback and the skills to pass. We will improve your driving with style! It’s that easy!

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    Pre Test Driving Lessons Test Routes

    Practice Driving Test Routes

    We will give you plenty of practice on the actual RSA driving test routes around the all the RSA Driving Test centres in Dublin. These include roads in Finglas, Raheny Tallaght, Dun Laoighre, Churchtown and Mulhuddart.

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    Learn More About The Driving Test

    Need to learn a little more about the Driving Test and Applying for Your Drivers Licence? These videos from the RSA are excellent at explaining everything there is to know.

    Getting Ready for Your Driving Test

    This RSA video covers what actually happens during your driving test itself. It gives an example of a learner like yourself undergoing the driving test with a RSA driving tester, demonstrating the technical checks that are done beforehand, the in-car checks, what you are required to do during the test as well as the may other elements that you need to do while driving.

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    How to Apply for Your Drivers Licence

    Applying online for your Drivers Licence is a simple, straightforward process, no need to book an appointment or attend an NDLS centre. Save time and do it the smart way Apply Online today. All you need is your Public Services Card and your verified MyGovID for safe, secure access to your online application. If you have any more questions you will get a lot of help here: NDLS FAQ

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    Commonly Asked Pre Test Questions

    What happens on your Pre Test Driving Lessons?

    A breakdown of what happens on my Pre Test Driving Lessons. Our Pre Test Lessons are recommended for 2 hours. This is of course depending on your driving standard.

    • We will assess your level of driving experience
    • Pin point bad habits and focus of amending them
    • Give you a mock test exactly like a real driving test
    • Your lessons will be on actual Driving Test Routes
    • Check your knowledge of the Rules of The Road
    • Teach you the best way to memorise Road Signs
    • How to point out everything Under The Bonnet
    • Show the tester your car’s Secondary Controls
    • How to act and present yourself to a RSA tester
    • Explain how the RSA tester grades your full test
    • Master the Reverse Around The Corner
    • Hill Starts, Turnabouts & Roundabouts

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    What happens the day of your Driving Test?

    When it comes to the day of your driving test a bit of preparation is needed. It is also important to know your Rules of the Road book inside out! Make sure you get a copy of the recent version. The car driving test is pretty straight forward; it lasts about 40 minutes.

    What happens during your Driving Test?

    During your driving test a number of stages are to be completed by the RSA driving tester. These include the following stages:

    • Questions on the Rules of the Road (including identifying road signs)
    • Demonstrating hand signals
    • Reversing around a corner
    • A turnabout in the road
    • A hill start
    • Vehicle Checks and Vehicle Controls (primary and secondary)

    Remember: if you take and pass the test in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, your driving licence will only cover you to drive an automatic vehicle

    Do I need to do Essential Driver Training?

    If your first learner permit for a car is dated on or after 4th April 2011, you must complete EDT. All learner drivers must have completed EDT before they can sit a driving test.

    How long does it take to complete the driving test?

    The full driving test can usually take up to 40 minutes to complete. Sometimes it might go over and sometimes it might be shorter. It’s all going to depend on the tester on the day.

    How much does the Pre Test lessons cost me?

    The price of our pre test driving lessons can be found here. To avail of this price you must make payment in full at the time of your first pre test lesson. If you need to hire our car for your driving test that is also an option.

    What happens when I have finished my Pre Test lessons?

    When we are finished your Pre Test Driving Lessons we will have given you the complete driving skills and confidence to sit and pass your full driving test. These are driving skills for life and will make you an all round safer driver.

    Choosing the right Driving School for you!

    Do not take learning to drive for granted. Yes there are plenty of Driving School’s all across Dublin offering EDT driving lesson “deals” and “cut-prices” but be WARNED that you will be getting exactly what you paid for.

    Things to look out for:

    • Is the Instructor RSA ADI approved?
    • Have they plenty of Experience?
    • Do they have a good track record?
    • Question the price, why so cheap?

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