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Driving instructor Training

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    Driving Instructor Training

    It’s not as hard as you think it is to become a driving instructor in Dublin. We provide the most comprehensive driving instructor training in Ireland. But, before we explain to you how to become a driving instructor in Ireland let us tell you the documentation needed to apply to become a driving instructor.

    Driving Instructor Training

    How to Apply to the RSA to Become a Driving Instructor

    Before you can apply for any of the stages 1, 2 or 3 you must first satisfy the RSA that you are of good reputation and that your tax affairs are in order before you will be allowed to apply to the RSA.

    Your driving instructor application pack we have in our office but basically the documentation you need is:

    • Tax clearance reference number
    • Application form
    • Proof of id
    • 2 photographs
    • Garda vetting form

    You send this application pack into the RSA and wait for their response that your application is being processed.

    You will then receive an email for Garda E vetting to fill this and return to the Gardai email.

    The next correspondence will be your eligibility to apply for stage 1, the ADI theory test.

    Stage 1 – ADI Theory Test

    • Our study syllabus takes 5 weeks to get through study wise.
    • This exam requires time and effort to get through.
    • You must achieve 75% overall out of 100 questions.

    The sections are

    • Driver testing procedures
    • Pedagogy
    • Car maintenance and mechanical principles
    • Road safety principles
    • Category b car general

    We will show you what and how to study per section to ensure you don’t fail. Having passed stage 1 you will be invited by the RSA to sit stage 2.

    Stage 2 – Pass The ADI Driving Test

    • This is an exam of 1.5 hours and tests your ability and the level of your driving.
    • The test covers all road types and speed limits from motorway to carriageway, rural to urban areas.

    Throughout the driving test you will be asked to carry out various practical manoeuvres which must be carried out to an extremely high level.

    You will have to carry out the following manoeuvres:

    • Turnabout
    • Left reverse
    • Right reverse
    • Emergency stop
    • Parallel park
    • Hill start

    The test will finish back at the designated RSA test centre where you will be given your result.

    You are allowed 4 Mark’s which will still get you a pass.

    Stage 3 – ADI Instructional Ability Test

    Having passed stage 2 you will be invited for stage 3.

    Stage 3 is a test of your instructional skills and is split into 2 phases both of which are done on the same day.

    On phase 1 the tester usually plays the role of a beginner driver will little ability and will randomly select a scenario from which you have to instruct.

    Similarly on phase 2 you will be asked to instruct on an advanced driver and deliver instructions to match this level.

    The aim is to deliver 16 core competencies over a 30 minute period.

    What our Driving Instructor Training Give You

    Our driving instructor training teaches you to understand those competencies and use them to pass all the stages to become a driving instructor.

    Our driving instructor training allows you to progress through our course with comfort and affordability. You can work while you train allowing you to earn money while becoming qualified.

    Our driving instructor training Lessons can be evenings or weekends or whatever suits your schedule.

    QQI and RSA Certified Trainers

    We are a recognised QQI (train the trainer course qualified) training provider by the Road Safety Authority and have gone through their approval process so you can be sure your training investment is safeguarded.

    Ready to Become a Driving Instructor?

    Ask us any questions below and we’ll be only happy to help!