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Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

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    A number of years ago our school catered for about 10% of pupils who were seeking Automatic driving lessons in Dublin. Today that number of pupils has increased to 30% and growing. So just why is there an ever growing demand for Automatic Driving Lessons in not only Dublin but also Automatic Driving Lessons in the popular Tallaght Test Centre.

    Benefits of Automatic driving lessons Dublin

    In a manual car it takes hours and hours of skill and practice to master the complex skill of Clutch Control. Some pupils get this in 6 hours while some it could take 16 hours and others never actually master the art.It can bring alot of stress and anxiety and we have seen a lot of drivers become quite ill as a result of attempting to try but never managing the manual transmission.

    Freedom and Ease of Automatic Driving Lessons

    With only an Accelerator and brake to operate and with the gears changing themselves it becomes incredibly easier to control the car as now 100% of the concentration can be applied to the observation and steering, leaving the learner now fully able to achieve great vehicle control and a much higher level of confidence and a new lease of life for driving in general.

    Driving Test Car Hire in an Automatic Car

    If you have a test coming up in one of the Dublin Driving Test Centres then look no further. Our service offers to pick pupils up from their location , travel on the Test Routes and offer one of our state of the art modern Automatic Ford Fiesta Cars.

    With Automatic driving school cars waiting at all of the test centres you can be sure that if you make it to the test centre then the car will be ready and waiting for your use on your Automatic
    driving test. As the best Automatic driving lesson provider in Dublin We are proud to offer you our 25 years of experience of Automatic driving test Success.