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Driving Lessons Dublin

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    Driving Lessons Dublin

    Driving Lessons Dublin with Get In Gear Driving School

    Welcome to Get In Gear Driving School! Are you Looking for Driving Lessons Dublin? We’re based in Dublin and cover all surrounding areas like Kildare & Meath. We teach beginner and experienced learners how to drive safely and pass their driving test in Dublin RSA test centres.

    We understand that learning to drive can create nervousness if you don’t have much experience, and that’s why we specialise in giving a professional driving lessons Dublin in a relaxed, fun, safe atmosphere.

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    Starting Your Driving Lessons Dublin

    So your considering starting to drive! Congratulations! This is a massive step in your life. Learning to drive is probably one of the most liberating experiences you can achieve. The freedom of been able to get up and drive where you want when you want is a fantastic feeling and I’m delighted you are here to start!

    Driving Lessons

    Driving Lessons in Dublin 15
    Kick start your driving lessons with me today! Find out how to get started here.

    EDT Driving Lessons

    EDT Driving Lessons in Dublin 15
    Essential Driver Training (E.D.T) is a course of 12 one-hour lessons.

    Pretest Driving Lessons

    Pre Test Driving Lessons in Dublin 15
    Have you got your Driving Test booked? Let me help you PASS it first time.

    Considering Becoming a Driving Instructor? We also do Driving Instructor Training with some of the most highly qualified driving instructor trainers in Ireland

    Driving School Reviews

    We love what we do providing driving lessons Dublin, especially getting feedback like this!

    Christina Kathleen Murphy Avatar
    Christina Kathleen Murphy
    positive review 
    I done the 5 hour pretest with the lovely Nadine last week, I had mixed feelings about paying out more money and not passing as i failed 7 times before but Nadine reassured me and pointed out what mistakes I was doing. Nadine went out of her way for me, I said from the start if I don't pass with her I'll never pass and I passed! Still over the moon and would recommend to everyone, thanks so much for everything you've done for me its very much appreciated xx
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    Maria Mcevoy Avatar
    Maria Mcevoy
    positive review 
    I’ve been driving for years and knew I needed to book my full test. Like so many, I would book then cancel just because I genuinely thought I would fail. The expense of this was madness! Over the passed few weeks all I was hearing about were people passing and I said to myself enough is enough. I got in contact with Nadine and I knew from the moment I got into her car I had made the right decision. She told me I can pass this, and that I will.. And I DID ?.. I couldn’t be happier. She built my confidence so much that all I could see was me passing my test. I couldn’t recommend Nadine enough. She wants you to pass just as much as you do. Don’t do what I did and waste your money on booking a test you won’t go to. Contact Nadine and get it done. ?❤️?
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    Dominic Creighton Avatar
    Dominic Creighton
    positive review 
    Just want to thank nadine for all the help couldnt reccomend her enough thanks very much ??
    read more
    Samantha Rigney Avatar
    Samantha Rigney
    positive review 
    Could not recommend Nadine enough she is absolutely amazing at what she does. She made me feel so comfortable and after numerous attempts I finally passed and it’s all thanks to her ?
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    Elaine Hughes Avatar
    Elaine Hughes
    positive review 
    For many years I drove on a provisional licence . I booked my test several times but never went to do it . I contacted nadine and did several pre tests with her in order to adjust my bad habits. I successfully passed first time and know this is due to the guidance from Nadine . I can’t recommend her enough . Many thanks Nadine .
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    Emma Regan Avatar
    Emma Regan
    positive review 
    I would highly recommend nadine shes so good makes you feel comfortable explains everything great great patience.. won't be disappointed as she's just amazing gives u all the information u need with out a dought passed today thanks to nadine ?
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    Andrea Dunne Avatar
    Andrea Dunne
    positive review 
    I booked with Nadine for my driving test and I passed which I was delighted with, Nadine was great she give me the information I needed to passed. I couldn’t recommend Nadine enough. She made me feel comfortable and give me the confidence to passed my test.
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    Rachel Mooney Campion Avatar
    Rachel Mooney Campion
    I want to say a big thank you to nadine for my 5 hrs pre tests , I had loads of bad habits from driving years and she snapped them right out of me�. I can honestly say nadine makes you feel so comfortable and at ease, she wrote down little notes to help me along so I could do when I was on my own .On the day of my test which was only Tuesday 19th feb she met me an hour and a half before my test and went through everything again she then waited with me until I went on the test this helped me to relax a lot . Thank so much nadine as I aced the test couldn’t of done it without you xxxx I PASSED beep beep
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    Michelle Walsh Avatar
    Michelle Walsh
    positive review 
    I Would Highly Recommend Get In Gear Driving School Because With Out Nadine Help With Pre Tests I Wouldn't Of Passed My Driving Test.
    read more

    Get In Gear Driving School Dublin

    We specialise in driving lessons with young or old nervous drivers. Our patient, relaxed driving lessons make all our pupils feel at complete ease with what is a massive step in their lives. You can be sure you’re in safe, competent hands when beginning your driving lessons journey with us at Get In Gear Driving School.

    The type of driving lessons Dublin we provide are the standard manual driving lessons, EDT driving lessons and Pre Test driving lessons. You may also notice that we are now a founding member of Ladybird Driving School Dublin which is also a female driving school that covers all areas of Dublin and some of Meath, Kildare and growing rapidly across Ireland.

    The EDT driving lessons we offer is a set of 12 or 6 driving lessons you need to complete in order to sit your driving test. These 12 driving lessons help you conquer the Car Functions, Road Positioning, Roundabouts, Turning, Your Reactions, Speed Management and much more. All this is recorded in your very own EDT book that will be provided by myself and signed off every time you have completely mastered each driving technique.

    The next driving lesson programme is Pre Test Driving Lessons. Pretest lessons are simply focused on helping you feel confident of passing your full driving test. These pretest lessons will be delivered on known Finglas, Mulhuddart, Raheny & Tallaght Test Centre Routes to get you familiar with the roads. We will give you professional mock tests and give you the feel of the actual driving test.

    Beginner Pupils Lessons
    I assess and teach you from a stage that suits your ability. I will then teach you in a structured way until we are both happy that you will be able to start your driving lessons in Dublin 15.
    Nervous & Anxious Pupils
    No need to be nervous about learning to drive with me. I will be extremely patient and calm with you. The car you learn in will have dual controls fitted I will be in complete control.
    Refresher Driving Lessons
    If you feel nervous because you haven’t driven for a while I can help you by starting you off in quiet areas and gradually increasing the difficulty until you feel comfortable to drive.
    Motorway Driving Lessons
    We cover all aspects of motorway driving; merging and lane changing, exiting and joining, breakdown procedures, braking distances, awareness & anticipation.

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